CCTV Inspections

At OC Drain Services we carry out CCTV inspections to accurately assess the condition of your drainage system and pinpoint the cause of any issues you may be experiencing. Using our sophisticated CCTV system we can inspect inlets and any damage to the pipes. Based on our findings, we are the able to advise you on which next steps we deem are appropriate to restore your drainage system to its optimum condition.

Our CCTV inspections work on lines from 50mm to 1mtr in diameter.

We have sample CCTV surveys available
upon request, if you’d like to see one give us a call.

CCTV Reports

After a CCTV inspection has been carried out it is then returned to our office where we transfer it onto a DVD. Along with the DVD we also provide you with a typed report which consists of the name of the starting point, finishing point, and gives the distances of all objects between both of these points i.e. inlets, damage to pipes, debris etc.

Please Note – If a DVD and report is needed urgently please notify our office or the person carrying out the survey so it can be given at the earliest possible time.