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Stage Lining
No-Dig Drain Relining

Stage lining is used to repair any breakages which have occurred in your drainage system. It works by using a fibre glass matter and specialised resin and is an ideal solution to drain repairs as it requires no digging or excavations. The team permeates resin into the fibre glass, wraps the impregnated fibre glass around a balloon type packer system and puts the packer in place to repair the pipe. We then inflate the packer to a point of 2.5 barr which is held in place for one hour and fifteen minutes to allow it to set. The packer is then deflated and removed from the pipe, leaving behind a new pipe inside your existing pipe which provides a structural lining and significantly increase the life of the original pipe.

All stage lining work is carried out by members of our fully qualified, highly skilled team of tradesmen. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service that goes beyond our customer’s expectations.

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