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Drain Unblocking

OC Drain Services specialises in drain unblocking, having been providing our expert drain cleaning and unblocking services to customers for over a decade. We pride ourselves on deliver a service that is professional and reliable, with all works carried out by our team of fully trained tradesmen. At OC Drain Services we undertake drain cleaning and unblocking tasks of all sizes so no matter the issue, we will be able to help. We use high-pressure water jetting rather than the traditional drain rod system as this allows us to provide a more effective and more efficient drain unblocking service. We also have cutting equipment which allows us to remove stones, concrete, roots etc. from your pipe system.

For a fast and effective drain unblocking service contact OC Drain Services now.

High-pressure water jetting

High-pressure water jetting is the fastest and most effective way of completely unblocking your drain, leaving it polished and restoring free-flow conditions. Using this method we are able to target grease, dirt and debris which has been caught in your drain and eliminate it. Our high-pressure water jet can also be used for power washing surfaces.

If you’re interested in having your drains unblocked and cleaned using our fast and effective high-pressure water jet give us a call.